Triennial of Photography Hamburg BREAKING POINT. June – September 2018


On environmental changes and ecological emergency

Curated by Virgilio Ferreira

This exhibition, in cooperation with The Ci.clo Platform of Photography, will be shown at Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg from 7 June to 15 Juli 2018.

Lisa Hoffmann,“Oh”, video still from "Some urgent star dust matter (working title)", 2018Lisa Hoffmann,“Oh”, video still from "Some urgent star dust matter (working title)", 2018

The [ESCAPE] exhibition started with two workshops coordinated by Krzysztof Candrowicz, Christian Barbe and Virglio Ferreira that brought together a group of artists to exchange experiences and contents, question the artistic practice, and promote the discussion on sustainable cultures and environmental issues. This transdisciplinary group, including Cláudio Reis, Constanze Flamme, Duae Collective (Luna Coppola and Silvia Campidelli), Jayne Dyer, Lisa Hoffmann, Marco Caterini, and Pawel Kowalski, intersects utopian and dystopian narratives, such as the (dis)functionality of urban environments; real and virtual spaces, the impact and relationship that humanity has with the Planet; frustration and panic provoked by ecological hyperawareness; egoism and social altruism related to environmental concerns. [ESCAPE] is the beginning of an open-ended project that should not only be interpreted as critical evidence but also as an invitation for action.