Triennial of Photography Hamburg BREAKING POINT. June – September 2018


on belonging, safety, migration and nomadism

Curated by Stefan Rahner & Nico Baumgarten

This group exhibition will be shown in public spaces in cooperation with the Altonaer Museum from 8 June to 26 August 2018.

Jorge Taboada  „alta densidad“Jorge Taboada „alta densidad“

[Home], a group exhibition, takes a critical look at the place and feeling of “being at home”. In order to make these topics accessible to a wider audience, large parts of the exhibition will be presented in public spaces – in purpose-built pavilions. Other works from a photographic project by students at the HAW will also be on display in the Altonaer Museum.

The artists involved in the exhibition include both professional and amateur photographers from a wide range of backgrounds. In her work entitled “Country without Parents”, Andrea Diefenbach has spent several years investigating the problems of labour migration in Moldavia. Jorge Taboada’s work “Alta Densidad” describes how the suburbs of Mexico’s large industrial cities have emerged to be so extremely anonymous. Gineke de Rooij has documented her own home: ADM is the largest remaining squat in the Netherlands. Joseph Maher came to Germany from Homs several years ago. In his photographs we see his personal story of great upheaval, very different from the usual visual stereotypes of fleeing and migration. Three homeless people from Hamburg documented their everyday lives with the camera.