4th Triennial of Photography // 11th – 20th April 2008

unknown photographer
Indian Chief of Amazon Area
about 1870
Museum für Völkerkunde

O.Winston Link
Norfork and Western Railway 1956
Museum der Arbeit

FC Gundlach
Model Horn,1957
Deichtorhallen/Haus der Photographie

David Fischli/PeterWeiss
natural grace, 1984
Deichtorhallen/Große Deichtorhalle

Thomas Demand
Embassy, 2007
Hamburger Kunsthalle

Bertie van Manen
east wind, west wind, 2007
Galerie Robert Morat

Nomi Baumgartl
Chris Callucci and Timbo, 2003
Galerie Flo Peters

Loïc Bréard
El Rocío #1, 2006
Galerie Hilaneh von Kories

Volker Hinz
Showtime with PeterLindbergh, 1983
Drostei Pinneberg

Chris Kremberg
Disappearance, 2005
Wassermühle Trittau

Laura Klimmeck
Photo Competition 2008
„the stuff dreams are made of“
Gymnasium Klosterschule

Triennale der Photographie Hamburg
Round Table Talks, Symposium, Workshops Portfolio Viewings, 2008

From the 11th to the 20th of April 2008, the 4th Triennial of Photography took place in Hamburg with extraordinary success. About 250 000 guests visited exhibitons in ten partaking museums and cultural institutions, numerous galleries, art and cultural societies, with artist groups but also on ships, in restaurants, theatres, and other places in and around Hamburg.

More than 2000 guests were welcomed at the meeting point located in front of the Deichtorhallen, who attended the various events that were offered during the triennial, i.e. symposia, workshops, round table talks, portfolio viewings, and nightly photo shows. Thus, the Triennial of Photography has turned into the biggest festival of its kind in Germany.

Meetingpoint Triennial of Photography 2008

In 2008, the 4th Triennial of Photography was characterized by the key issue "Say Cheese - About Smiling in Photography". This topic suits the medium of photography very well as it was photography which for the first time captured the smile in pictures on a huge scale. The meaning of smiling in the biological and sociological as well as the cultural and aesthetic sense was discussed in an interdisciplinary symposium by scientists and photographers - the English neurophysiologist Prof. Dr. Jonathan Cole, art historian and curator at the Yale Center for British Art, Angus Trumble, and the brilliant German portrait photographer Walter Schels.

During the 4th Triennial of Photography, the exhibition program of the museums, galleries, and further organizers was again extensive and diversified.
The Museum für Völkerkunde contributed with the exhibition "With Camel and Camera - Historical Orient Photography 1864-1970", for which a photographic stock of 18 000 items from the Near and Middle East and North Africa was reconstructed and a selection of these aesthetically outstanding and scientifically important documents was offered to the public for the first time.

The Museum für Arbeit also presented historical photographs - "Trainspotting. America's Last Steam Trains" - by O. Winston Link. A German premiere, the photographs show the trains of the Norfolk and Western Railway - the last ones that were exclusively operated by steam locomotives. In spectacular night shots, Link staged the trains that tore past. Furthermore, his pictures also give an insight into the daily routine of the 1950's.

The simultaneous opening of the triennial and of the exhibition "F.C. Gundlach - The Photographic Oeuvre" at Haus der Photographie was a great success with about 3000 visitors. Along with the opening of the exhibition "Peter Fischli & David Weiss. Questions & Flowers" at the northern Deichtorhalle, about 5000 people visited both vernissages and the marquee of the triennial located in between the two exhibition halls.

The Hamburger Kunsthalle presented photographic art of international renown - "Thomas Demand. Camera". A prestigious contemporary artist, Thomas Demand gave a precise insight into the political topicality of his work.

Once again, the productive cooperation with numerous galleries in Hamburg was especially pleasant. Robert Morat showed a retrospective of the internationally famous Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen. Flo Peter's Gallery contributed with Nomi Baumgartl's "Homage to Creation - Earth and Ocean", and gallery Hilaneh von Kories presented Loïc Bréard's "El Rocío - A Spanish Pilgrimage".

Numerous cultural institutions around Hamburg joined the festival once more. Palais für aktuelle Kunst in Glückstadt displayed "Cumulus" by Dörthe Eißfeld. Drostei in Pinneberg hosted the exhibition "Party, pumps and hangers. Photographs of the world of fashion by Volker Hinz", and Wassermühle Trittau showed "Breath", photography by Chris Kremberg.

The photo competition again attracted great response - 1000 photographs were submitted by pupils of 32 schools in Hamburg. 145 works on the motto "the stuff dreams are made of" were presented at Deichtorhalle.

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