Triennial of Photography Hamburg BREAKING POINT. June – September 2018

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unlearning x rethinking x restarting

The Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2018 is intended to engage audiences, inspire action and invoke change. It is a time to reflect, unlearn, rethink and restart. Photography is a powerful tool to convey the message.

[enter], [space], [home], [shift], [control], [return], [delete], and [escape] are today widespread lexicons of the contemporary world but there is a compelling message hidden behind these computer keys. Let us freeze time for a moment and contemplate their original meaning.


on a breaking point and necessity to change 
 – Curated by Emma Bowkett & Krzysztof Candrowicz


on belonging, safety, migration and nomadism
 – Curated by Stefan Rahner & Nico Baumgarten


on politics, money and power
 – Curated by Petra Roettig & Stephanie Bunk


on urbanism, alienation, anonymity, street life
 – Curated by Sabine Schnakenberg


on personal change, paradigms and alternation – Curated by Bettina Steinbrügge & Tobias Peper


on roots, heritage and learning from the past 
- Breaking Point 1918
 – Curated by Sebastian Lux, Lothar Altringer, Jens Bove and Adelheid Komenda


on selection and censorship in photojournalism – Curated by Esther Ruelfs & Sven Schumacher


On environmental changes and ecological emergency – Curated by Virgilio Ferreira


Curated by Franz Wilhelm Kaiser


Curated by Alison Nordström


Curated by Katja Schroeder


Curated by Ingo Taubhorn.