Triennial of Photography Hamburg BREAKING POINT. June – September 2018

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A BREAKING POINT is a critical moment in the process of change. It is a time when we can no longer search for new goals or values but must immediately take a new direction. Photography has an ability to freeze time and bring focus to such moments.

The Triennial of Photography Hamburg will be an attempt to raise awareness. The festival program is a humanistic statement on sustainability and change. It is an inspiration and an invitation to act.

We use keyboard commands hundreds of times a day without thinking about their original meaning. These words will become exhibition titles and together will form a collective story about modern society:


on a breaking point and necessity to change 
 – Curated by Emma Bowkett & Krzysztof Candrowicz


on belonging, safety, migration and nomadism
 – Curated by Stefan Rahner & Nico Baumgarten


on politics, money and power
 – Curated by Petra Roettig & Stephanie Bunk


on urbanism, alienation, anonymity, street life
 – Curated by Sabine Schnakenberg


on personal change, paradigms and alternation – Curated by Bettina Steinbrügge & Tobias Peper


on roots, heritage and learning from the past 
- Breaking Point 1918
 – Curated by Sebastian Lux


on censorship and images removed from visual culture
 – Curated by Esther Ruelfs & Sven Schumacher


On environmental changes and ecological emergency – Curated by Virgilio Ferreira

[Anton Corbijn]

Curated by Franz Wilhelm Kaiser

[Joan Fontcuberta]

Curated by Alison Nordström

[Shirana Shahbazi]

Curated by Katja Schroeder & Anna Schmid


Curated by Ingo Taubhorn.